A bit about us…

But first, riddle us this:

A Picture of An Elephant in a Forest. On The Picture Is The Riddle "How Do You Eat An Elephant?"

“How Do You Eat An Elephant?”

Benefits of Green Homes and a Netzero Home
Red Brick Building with Windows is a Net Zero Apartment Building

“One Bite At A time.”

African Proverb

Our Why

Emerald Earth Properties’ chief aim is to be a vector in leading communities towards the greener future we all deserve. Called to action as a response to the 2021 global building and construction industry accounting for 37% of energy related CO2 emissions and over 34% of energy demand. Numbers which are only increasing as a result of rising global temperatures and the demand for adequate cooling methods. By the looks of it, the global building sector is not on track to meet humanities’ goal of decarbonization by 2050. Click here to see the latest Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction.

A father and son wearing hard yellow hats doing a construction project together, Creating a Greener Earth for the Youngest Generations
2050 Net Zero Climate Goals; How Can We Reach Net Zero By 2050 written with Building Blocks

Our How

That’s where Emerald Earth Properties comes in. Though the numbers are daunting, here at Emerald Earth Properties we focus on eating the elephant one bite at a time — so to speak. Our hope is to uproot the way residential homes currently view natural gas as a viable energy solution through homeowner education. We also have a hands-on role in the pursuit of decarbonization by revitalizing outdated homes with new, energy-efficient life. The quest for Global NetZero is a big one — one we firmly believe is our duty to achieve in order to secure a habitable future for our youngest generations. And we firmly believe it can be achieved in the coming decades if we all do our part. With that being said, we’re happy you’re here.