The Facts,

At A Glance.

Experts report that the “green gap” between proper sustainability updates and the actual performance of the built environment is widening. Meaning that the necessary changes are still outpaced by energy-intensive and carbon heavy practices.

It is all hands on deck,

all homes on deck.

Building Blocks with CO2 on one side and green renewable energy sources on the other. Balancing the scales of greenhouse gases ghg to eco friendly energy sources.

A meadow with a sustainable city skyscraper skyline in the background and wind turbines. A zero carbon pollution city.

Join the cause.

Emerald Earth Properties’ goal is to be the impetus that gets every home moving towards sustainability. For many homeowners, this means education about implementing sustainable practices in their own properties. For many others, the proper updates are not feasible for a myriad of reasons– be it the house is too old and/or major repairs have been neglected, the owners are planning to move, or the owners are facing financial hardships such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.

our solution.

we buy houses!

  • As is
  • Quickly
  • No Repairs Required
  • No Junk Fees
  • No Realtor Fees
  • No Inspection Fees
  • No Fuss, No Fluff!
A Sold Home or For Sale Sign in the Window of a Los Angeles LA County, California Home
Man and Woman Smiling While Packing to Move Houses from a Quick Pre Foreclosure Cash Short Sale

help us, help you.

The beauty of purchasing houses on a case-by-case basis is each house gets updated unique to its placement in its community. If we find your home is suitable for our intended updates (which 99% of houses we inspect are!), we close quickly and with all cash— helping you get the fresh start you need. And better yet, you can rest easy knowing your former home is positively contributing towards 2050 NetZero.

Need to Sell?

If you are interested in learning more about our home-purchase program, we encourage you to contact us using the button below. No house is too old or too rundown. Please be sure to leave any pertinent information about your situation in the subject body of your message. We will get back to you in no more than 24 hours to discuss next steps.

Man Packing Up To Move After Finding the Best Way To Sell A House In 2023
Father and Son Playing Soccer outside of A Suburb Home with Solar Panels and a greenhouse
Happy Family in Wind Turbine Meadow